Arise, walk about the land through its length and breadth; for I will give it to you.  Genesis 13:17

The slideshow of pictures presented below depicts the process of building The Way from its conception in May of 2012 to the present. The Grumpy Old Men Group of Perdido Bay UMC were instrumental is seeing this project to its completion. The “Grumpies” as they are affectionately known, welcome all ages and genders to join in their ministry at the church. For more information, please follow the link below to view their Facebook page.

Grumpy Old Men Group of PBUMC

– Construction of The Way –

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I have gone through the new website over and over again. I see something new every time. Obviously, I like the construction pictures most because Dave and I spent so much time there over the course of two years. I believe you have captured the essence of everything from the sweltering heat, morning fog, clammy cold winter days, bugs, pools of mud and water, etc. You got the Grumpies, volunteers (which were awesome with their hauling the pilings) and snippets of the whole project from weeds to trail/boardwalk. Great job, and thank you for recording the whole adventure. It is an experience I will certainly never forget or grow tired of sitting on the bench at my favorite spot, St Mark. Thanks for all you do at the church.

Robert Johnson