Glass Lizard

Glass Lizard, Ophisaurus chordata

Glass lizards are legless, and their long tails give them a very snake-like appearance. Unlike snakes, they have moveable eyelids and external ear openings. Glass lizards have very smooth, shiny scales that are reinforced by bones called ‘osteoderms,’ making the lizards’ bodies very hard and brittle. As a result, their tails break easily and they are often seen with broken tails in the process of regrowth. Glass lizards also move a bit more stiffly than snakes, and have a long groove down each side of their hard bodies that allows them to expand when they breathe or are full of food, or when females are full of eggs. They can easily be recognized as harmless by their slender heads and lack of a neck. Glass lizards live in wet meadows, grasslands, pine flatwoods, pine scrubs, hardwood hammocks, and other open woods, and are occasionally seen in suburban neighborhoods. They are often found under boards and other debris on the ground, and at least two species spend much of their time burrowed underground.(

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