“The Way” Has Taken Wing

“The Way” Has Taken Wing
June 26, 2018
Jerry Patee

The Way went through another transformation this Spring since we began construction over five years ago.  Much like a butterfly, The Way has spread its wings.  With this latest change, it is even more beautiful.  It became a reality not long after Pastor David and a group of like-minded individuals met to discuss ways to make The Way accessible to small groups and outdoor venues.  This resulted in an expanded 20’ x 20’ platform to replace one of the four existing 10’ x 10’ decks. Thanks to the Grumpy Old Men who worked tirelessly, and along with some generous donations, the construction was completed well before it got too hot… the results speak for themselves.

This note from Ronnie and Alton Spillers speaks personally of their time on The Way…

Several months ago my daughter, Lane and I packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the inspirational point on “The Way”.  We spent quite a bit of time there just taking in the beauty of God’s handiwork.  The butterflies were everywhere that day.  She made many pictures, and then selected this one to put on canvas and gift us for our new home.  Alton and I are so blessed to be a part of PBUMC and so thankful for all the many talented individuals who created this special place.  Thank you PBUMC for your vision and creativity for so many to enjoy.   Ronnie & Alton Spillers

The Way has become “a place like no other.”  We invite you to come see for yourself; spend time to see what God created for us in our own backyard. If you are inspired to write us a note, a devotional, or take a picture, we would love to hear from you. Send them to: karen.stanmore@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your support of this little corner of Paradise.





Jerry Patee

Gulf Fritillaries on “The Way”

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