The Folly of Worry

The Folly of Worry
March 23, 2018
Pastor Levi S. Gardner

How many days and hours do we spend worrying about what could be? Jesus has much to tell us about worry and its uselessness in changing the outcomes of today and the work he has for us presently. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus says, “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Especially as we are in this season of Lent, I think it is important for us to reflect on this theme of focusing on today and not giving into the worry of tomorrow. In Lent, we must take each day to fast or immerse ourselves in the spiritual discipline we have chosen. This calls us to focus. To give overt attention to how God is using this day to teach us something new. If we are thinking about tomorrow’s fast or tomorrow’s discipline then we lose the gift of the present. Also, we must think about the first Good Friday. On that day, there was enough uncertainty, pain, and fear that there was no guarantee of a tomorrow. Worrying about what was to come would have been futile. The present situation before them demanded enough.

An Easter is not a guarantee for each thing we pray and seek. But God does promise an Easter for every person who has their hope in the risen Christ. The assurance of this unfailing and future resurrection is a gift to give us the ability to stay present in today without worrying about tomorrow. We all know how fragile our present circumstances can be. We can wake one morning only to have one unexpected phone call in the afternoon change the course of all we have planned and envisioned for our tomorrows.

Just as Lent commands us to see each day through the 40 as its own challenge and opportunity; so too, does Jesus give us this teaching that we might be so bold, so wise as to see each day as the unique canvas that it is. How tomorrow’s canvas will be painted is inconsequential. Jesus has something for you today! Jesus is calling you to see his hand in your life right now! Be free to live today without the hypotheticals of what could be at hand tomorrow. Take hold of the hope that your final tomorrow has been promised and give thanks for the beauty of each breath and each moment of today.

Hold your plans lightly, look up from your phone, encourage a brother or sister in the faith. Today is unfolding. Don’t miss it! Let today be a gift on its own.

Closing Prayer:  Creator God, you have called all things into being and established day and night to give us rhythm and rest. Give me the patience and discipline to live in the present beauty you are unfolding and the strength to resist the temptation to worry about what may come. I give you thanks for your daily bread and your presence made alive in my heart and soul by the power of your Holy Spirit. Enable me to have peace in your will for me today. Amen.

Pastor Levi

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