Bring Christ into the World

Bring Christ into the World
January 26, 2018
Louisa deJarnette

I love studying the word of God and learning about all the applications I should be using on a daily basis. (Yes, I used the adverb “should” on purpose.) I am especially enjoying our Wednesday night series on Genesis since it speaks to me about God within us and around us and before us, always and forever.

Rev. David spoke about Genesis 12-17, and the Call to Covenant. Rev. David tells us that we are all called to God’s ministry and we never know how a simple kind gesture or an invitation to church or Bible Study will affect somebody. It made me think about a dear saint in our church and how she changed the course of my life.

Bo and I were recently privileged to attend Edra Keen Jeter’s 90th birthday party and it brought back a flood of memories of all the kindness and tolerance of others she has demonstrated through these past twenty-seven years I’ve known her.

Edra and Norm were among the first people I met when I first arrived in town and Edra and I worked together for many years. I came from Hawaii and had never been in this strange southern world before, where the customs, food, and “language” were all very foreign to me. I was lost.

Warmth surrounded me in the form of Edra and her hospitable ways. She continually invited me to church, another foreign concept. She never gave up on me so I finally relented (yes, to get her off my back!), attended, and was mesmerized by the teaching of The Word by Rev. Jack deJarnette. Edra continued to include me in invitations to church services and to church functions and I took my first feeble steps toward Jesus. I attended sporadically but was continually drawn back.

I moved my parents here so they could share this new world with me. My mother passed of cancer soon after. Edra was there. Too soon after that, my father passed of cancer. Edra was there.

Tragedy struck again and my late husband was slowly taken away from me by the unrelenting claws of cancer. My world was shattered. I was broken. I had had enough. And, again, I was lost.

Another new concept surrounded me with powerful love, meals, company, prayers and compassion. I came to know what a “Church Family” meant. I wasn’t very active in the church but, still they came and ministered to me and lifted me up with His love. Edra was there.

Jack was convinced that God sent me Bo deJarnette to piece me back together again and lead me on the path to know Jesus personally as my Lord and Savior, not just as some vague concept. It was not an easy road we took to find His peace but Edra was by our side and on our side, all the way. She has never faltered in her conviction to bring me to the Lord through her goodness, not through her judgement.

Edra always showed kindness and grace to all people wherever we went. I really have never heard her say a bad word about anyone. I must admit I’ve seen her bite her tongue a time or two, but she held back because she lives so strongly in His Word. She has always been the prime example of His grace to me.

I felt compelled to share the small step Edra took to invite me to church then walk with me all these years. I’m sure Rev. David has to be referring to Edra Jeter when he talks about putting our faith into action every day, in every way. She is truly living the Covenant and a true testimony to the never-ending love of Our God.

Louisa deJarnette

Louisa with Edra at her 90th Birthday Party

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