A Blessed Year

A Blessed Year
January – December 2017

Dear Friends,

We thank you all so very much for following our weekly posts this past year on “The Way”. It has been an amazing time for us, as Jerry and I have navigated our first attempt at building a website and posting the Weekly Message to our loyal followers. Thanks especially to all of the contributors who have opened their hearts and expressed their faith and love for Christ so eloquently in their devotionals.

While recently searching for a book in my home office, I came across my grandmother’s journal.  I had forgotten that my mother had given it to me years ago. I opened the pages and found the following passage in her lovely handwriting. I don’t believe she is the author, but nevertheless, it is too beautiful not to share for our New Year’s message.  Love to you all!

Karen Stanmore

I do not know what is around that next turn in this winding trail of life. But I know this, whatever there is around that corner, I shall have my hand in Another’s hand when I go and face it. And if I feel a little bit disturbed, I shall move my finger around in the palm of that hand till I find the scar, and then I shall know that Jesus Christ, who on the cross was wounded for my sins, is not going to leave me no matter what corner I go around on the winding road of life.

With Grandma Young, 1961






One thought on “A Blessed Year

  1. Pattie McVay says:

    Thanks for or sharing Karen. I have enjoyed following THE WAY this year. You and Jerry have done an amazing job with this website. May God continue to bless you.


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